Statement From Chiara Levin’s Family

We continue to mourn the senseless loss of our dear Chiara. She is constantly in our thoughts and always in our hearts. We wish to express our gratitude to members of the Boston Police Department working on our behalf and that of all law-abiding citizens of the community as well as to those persons who have aided them in their efforts. While the recent arrests cannot bring Chiara back to us, we are pleased that the investigative and judicial processes are taking their course, and we will continue to monitor closely all matters and events pertaining to the case.We hope that the loss we are enduring that has changed our lives forever—and from which there is no recovery—will help others to reflect upon the senselessness of violent responses to conflict and the danger of easy access to and misuse of weapons, and that it will encourage everyone to embrace the gift of words that Chiara loved so much in order to increase understanding and promote peace. We realize that this is a multifaceted, socially and politically complex task that goes beyond simple conflict-resolution skills. We wish nevertheless for young people to ponder Chiara’s short yet rich life and learn to respect, appreciate, and look past differences instead of fighting them. We will dedicate our lives in ways yet to be formalized, using the fund bearing her name, to follow the path that she has opened so that the meaningful contribution to this world that she wanted to make will become reality.

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