B&E Suspect Arrested with \”Fruits of the Crime\” in His Pockets

At approximately 3:18pm today, March 30, 2007, officers from District 11 responded to 44 Draper St. in Dorchester for a suspicious briefcase on the stairs. There, officers located a briefcase and were told by residents that it was found on their porch with no knowledge of the owner. The briefcase, based on the officers’ observation, appeared to have been pried open and its contents rummaged. The briefcase was returned to the district, and the owner called notified and told that his briefcase had been found. Officers were informed that the briefcase was stolen when person(s) unknown broke into victim’s car.The responding officers, while preparing to write a report on this incident, were notified of a suspect being booked for breaking into a car in the same area that the victim reported that his car had been broken into and his briefcase stolen. Further investigation during booking process revealed that the suspect being booked had in his possession a number of items that were reported to have been in the stolen briefcase. Among the items recovered from the suspect were the victim’s credit cards, personal identification, and personal papers. Suspect, Hector L. Martinez, 43, of Dorchester was booked and charged with Receiving Stolen Property, Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle, Possession of Burglarious Tools, and Larceny of Motor Vehicle Accessories over $250.

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