Daily Incidents For March 16, 2007

Alcoholic Beverages Lands two in Jail on Drug ChargesYesterday at 5:55pm, Members of the Mountain Bike Unit while on patrol observed a motor vehicle with four individuals parked at the corner of Leyland Street. As officers approach the vehicle from the passenger side, they observed a male sitting in the passenger seat immediately bend over and move toward the floor on the site of officers. Officers observed alcoholic beverages at the passenger’s feet. Officers also observed rear seat passengers in possession of alcoholic beverages. When the window was opened a strong smell of what officers knew to be marijuana emanated from the vehicle. Daniel Bones, 40, of Brockton was arrested and charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute Class B, Possession of Class B, Possession of Class D and Possession with Intent to Distribute Class B within a 100’ Play Ground. Also arrested was Edwin Rodriguez, 49, of Roxbury for Possession of Class B. Officers did recover drugs from the suspects.
Suspects Apprehended While Following the Victim
Last night at 7:08, officers From District 1 responded to a call for armed robbery at 10 Post Office Square. Officers were notified that the victim was being followed by two of the suspects. A description of the two suspects was broadcasted, a black male wearing a blue sweatshirt and the other wearing a grey sweatshirt walking up Milk Street towards Washington Street. Upon hearing the description officers headed up Washington St. and observed both suspects. Upon approaching one of the suspects officers patted down the suspect and felt a weapon. Officers recover a silver colored firearm; upon further investigation it was revealed to be a loaded BB gun. The victim stated while sitting on a park bench at post officer square he observed four black males. The victim went on to state that one of the males sat down next to him and demanded his wallet. At this point the victim observed another suspect pull out what appeared to be a firearm. The victim stated he began to run away when two of the suspects attempted to block his path. The victim stated he was then able to run away from the suspects, running up Milk Street towards Washington Street followed by the suspects. Jason Bloom, 17, of Dorchester and a 16 year-old juvenile male from Dorchester were both arrested charged him with Armed Robbery and Intent to Rob while Armed. Officers checked the area for the other suspects to no avail.
Man Arrested for Assaulting Officers
This morning around 12:29am, officers from District 2 responded to a radio call for a fight at 1620 Tremont Street. Prior to arrival officers received information from Harvard University Police was on scene and requesting assistance. On arrival officers were directed towards Calumet Street where the suspect fled. Harvard University officers apprehended the suspect, who violently resisted being handcuffed striking both officers with his fist. The suspect was finally handcuffed by Boston Police and taken back to the scene. The suspect was positively identified by the victim as the person who attempted to stab both of them. Officers were informed that the suspect became combative in the bar throwing bottles causing a gash on the forehead of one of the victim’s. The suspect was thrown out of the bar and got into a confrontation with victim. The suspect produced a knife and attempted to slash both victims. Adam Jensen, 22, of Boston was arrested and charged with Assault and Battery, Assault by means of a Dangerous Weapon, Resisting Arrest, Assault and Battery on a Police Officer and Disorderly Conduct. The victim was transported to Brigham and Women and treated for a non-life threatening injury. Officers did recover a knife from the suspect.

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