APPREHENDED FOR SHOPLIFTINGAbout 1:30pm on Thursday, March 8, 2007, officers from District A-1 responded to a radio call for a black male attempting to steal 2 leather coats from a department store at 426 Washington Street. On arrival, officers located the suspect while he was exiting the store. Officers then arrested Albert Moore, 43, of Boston and charged him with Shoplifting. During the booking process, the suspect was extremely uncooperative. In fact, the suspect told officers, “I’ll (expletive) you up .. you mother (expletive) .. I’ll crush your throat .. I’ll piss in your mouth.”
At about 6:15pm, on Wednesday, March 7, 2007, officers at District 11 took a report for a stolen motor vehicle. According to the victim, she had loaned her car to a friend, but, the friend never returned the car. Two days later, while on routine patrol, officers from District B-2 observed the motor vehicle traveling on Blue Hill Avenue. Officers then activated their emergency equipment (lights & sirens) and stopped the motor vehicle. When officers approached the car and asked the operator where he got the motor vehicle, the driver told officers, ”some dude gave me the car.” Officers then arrested Edward Harris, 23, of Roxbury and charged him with Using a Motor Vehicle Without Authority and Operating Without a License.
At about 6:35pm on Thursday, March 8, 2007, officers from the Youth Violence Strike Force observed 2 black males rummaging through a large, black leather bag. As the suspects rifled through the bag, officers observed the suspects smile and ‘high-five’ one another. As a result, officers then approached the suspects. Seeing this, the suspect holding the pocket book, stuffed the bag under his jacket and took off. After a short foot pursuit, officers then arrested a 16 year-old black male from Dorchester and charged him with Unarmed Robbery. A short time later, with help from the MBTA Police, the victim of the robbery was located at the Field’s Corner MBTA Station. According to the victim, he was sitting on the train, near one of the doors, when a group of kids walked up to him, grabbed his bag and then ran off the train.

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