Daily Incidents For March 4, 2007

Man Arrested in Car BreaksAt 7:30am, yesterday officers in District 4 responded to 625 Columbus Avenue for a radio call for a Hispanic male that had just broke into a green jeep and was putting stuff into a white car. Officers stopped a suspect fitting the description in front of 626 Columbus Avenue as he was crossing the street from the green vehicle towards the white vehicle that was parked across the street. Officers spoke with caller who was able to positively identify the suspect. Officers observed the passenger side rear window of the jeep broken a damaged dashboard and the stereo missing. In the white motor vehicle officer observed a car stereo and speakers on the seat of the vehicle. Officers were able to locate the victim of the green vehicle who was able to identify the stereo and speakers were the ones stolen from his vehicle. Rafael Alvarado, 37, of Revere was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering Motor Vehicle, Destruction of Personal Property, Receiving Stolen goods and Possession of Burglarious Tools. Officers did recover a screwdriver and a tool similar to an ice pick from the suspect. Officers also recovered other car stereo, speakers, cell phones and other electronic items from the suspect.
Seven Arrested for Breaking and Entering Church Building
Last night at 10:17pm, officers in District 2 responded to a radio call for a breaking and entering in progress at 41 Smith Street. On arrival officers were met by New World Security officers who stated they observed a group forcefully tearing a wooden plywood panel from a boarded up basement window of 50 Smith Street. Officers proceeded to said location and observed that the plywood panel was broken away exposing the basement. Officers requested back up and surrounded the building and attempted to make contact with the suspects. Officers entered the building via the open window and instructed the suspects to exit the building, after informing them that a K-9 unit was prepared to enter the building. Six of the seven suspects exited the building. The following suspects were arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering a Building and Trespassing, Lauren Hansen, 22, of Roxbury; Kathleen Bissonnette, 20, of Roxbury; Sean Doherty, 21, of Roxbury; David Mostoller, 21 of Londonderry VT; Christopher Pond, 21, of Roxbury and Nathaniel Keyes, 22, of Acton MA. The seventh suspect Fleming Claire Staples, 19, of Devon Pennsylvania arrived at District 2 and was placed under arrest and charged with Breaking and Entering a Building and Trespassing.
Tagger’s Caught in the Act
Around 10:47pm, while on patrol officers in District 2 observed two suspects in the process of spray-painting graffiti on the front grate of 2231 Washington Street. When officers identified themselves the suspects fled on Washington Street towards Ruggles Street and was apprehended by an MBTA Officer. Edwin Santos, 22 of Roxbury and Jayson Flores 24, of Roslindale were arrested and charged with Damage to Property by Graffiti/Tagging. Further investigation by officers revealed two other locations in the area with freshly painted graffiti with the same markings. Officers did recover a sharpie and one can of spray paint from the suspects.

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