Young Boy Escapes Home Invasion But Turns Up Missing Last night around 8:51pm, officers from District 5 responded to 186 Georgetowne Place in Hyde Park for a report of an armed home invasion. On arrival officers located and spoke to the victims who reported that they had just been robbed by armed gunmen who forced their way into their house. The victims reported that they answered a knock at the door and were greeted by an armed gunmen who initially asked for someone who is unknown to them. After telling the suspect that they did not know this person, the suspect brandished a gun and demanded of the victim the location of some Playstations 3. The victim under threat of being shot, lead the suspect to the location of the game, and as he was doing so a second suspect entered his home. While this was going on, another resident of the house was coming home with his young child when he observed the scene. The other resident/victim along with his child fled going in different directions. The suspects took a number of items including several I-PODS, a cell phone and some other electronic equipment and fled the scene. The young child was missing for some time after the incident but was located about an hour later a short distance from the house.
Shooting Victim Survives Gunshot Wounds
About 9:07pm yesterday, officers from B-3 responded to 23 Irma St. in Dorchester for a report of shots fired/person shot. On arrival, officers located a young male suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. The victim was transported by EMS to Boston Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. No suspects were located but the incident is under investigation.
Unarmed Robbery Suspect Arrested After Walking Away with Victim’s Backpack
At approximately 10:34pm, officers from District 4 responded arrested Jerry Shead, 34, of Roxbury and charged him with Unarmed Robbery.
Officers initially responded to 26 Lattimore Ct. in the South End for a man banging on the door alleging he was robbed. There, officers spoke to the victim who reported that he was robbed by the suspect after he let him use his cell phone to make a call. The victim stated that the suspect after placing the call on his cell phone started walking away with the phone and he protested. The victim reported that the suspect then took his backpack when he attempted to confront and complain about his cell phone. According to the victim, the suspect then walked away entering into 26 Lattimore Ct. Apt. #289. Officers responded to that apartment, announced their office and were greeted by a man who reported that no one else was in the apartment. While the door was partially open, officers observed the victim’s bag on the couch. Officers then entered the apartment and located the suspect hiding in a bedroom.
One or the Other: Officers Locate and Arrest Stolen Car Suspect
While Looking for Suspect of Unrelated Incident

This morning around 12:20am, officers from District 2 responding to the area of Mt. Pleasant St. and Dudley St. looking a suspect to an unrelated incident observed a parked motor with the engine running for some time. Check of the registration revealed that the car was stolen. A short while later the car was observed being driven by a suspect. Officers followed the vehicle and a short while later the car turned onto a dead end street and the operator abandoned the car and fleeing into an adjacent yard. Other officers responded to assist and shortly thereafter located the suspect hiding under a car in a parking lot. Once the suspect was arrested he told officers that he was hiding not because he had stolen the car, but because he had possessed drugs that he had swallowed. The suspect, Samuel Cooper, 39, of Roxbury was arrested and charged with Receiving Stolen Motor Vehicle, Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Being Licensed and Resisting Arrest.
Suspect Arrested After Assaulting Victims with Gun Over Parking Space
This morning around 1:24am, officers from District 1 were approached in the area of Boylston and Charles St. for victims who had been threatened at gunpoint. Officers spoke to the victims who reported that they got into a verbal confrontation over a parking space with the suspect. Victims further reported that during the argument, the suspect cocked a gun, pointed it a the victims and asked them if they wanted to die, and threatened saying “I’ll put bullet holes in your car!” Officers positioned themselves at the suspect’s car and awaited his return. At approximately 2:20am, the suspect returned to his car and was placed under arrest. Search of the car resulted in a black pellet gun being located under the driver’s seat. Suspect, Nick Maceus, 24, of Lowell was arrested and charged with Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon.
Suspect Requests Overnight Accommodations After Night of Partying
At approximately around 2:25am, officers from District 1 on routine patrol arrested suspect, Levar Fernandes, 25, of Mattapan and charged him with Assault and Battery. Officers were at the intersection of Stuart and Tremont St. when they noticed three individuals yelling at each other. As officers continued to further observe the group, they saw the suspect remove his jacket, step back and punch the victim on the side of the face. The suspect was asked what the problem was and he stated that he had punched the victim and he would do it again.

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