Mayor\’s Cold Weather Advisory

Mayor Thomas M. Menino is urging residents to heed weather warnings and take extra precautions over the next few days with temperatures mostly in the 20s and 30s, with freezing wind chills and nights heading into single digits.\”We are particularly concerned about homeless individuals who may seek shelter in out of the way or isolated locations,\” Mayor Menino said. \”My Emergency Shelter Commission is working with outreach providers, the Boston Police and Boston EMS to identify these locations and intensify our efforts to offer people shelter and safety. I ask all citizens who are aware of vulnerable individuals to be eyes and ears for us and to contact my 24-Hour Constituent Services line at 617-635-4500.\” If you encounter an individual that is having a medical emergency please call 911.
Street outreach teams will have extra vans out on the streets urging the homeless to stay in shelters; shelters will open earlier over the next few days and they will be open 24 hours a day in extreme weather. The Pine Street Inn is also putting additional vans on the street to assist people seeking shelter in the daytime. The city\’s Commission on the Affairs of the Elderly will be calling home bound seniors and privately run senior complexes to check on the elderly. The Commission has also held safety seminars for seniors the past few days.
If you are a tenant, your unit should be heated to 68 degrees during the day and 64 degrees at night. Alert your landlord first to correct any issues. If your landlord does not respond, the city\’s \”No Heat\” hotline number is 617-635-5300 or 617-635-4500 after hours. The city\’s Inspectional Services Department will investigate the situation and work with the landlord to get heat turned back on.
· For heating assistance, we urge residents to contact ABCD (Action for Boston Community Development) at 617-357-6012.
· If you have a complaint about your oil dealer\’s service, call Mayor Menino\’s Office of Consumer Affairs and Licensing at 617-635-3834.
Some general safety tips for winter weather from the Boston Fire Department:
Never use your oven for heat
Electric powered portable heaters should never be left on while sleeping and should be kept at least three feet away from combustible materials.
Do not overload electrical sockets
Never leave candles unattended
CO2 detectors are now required in homes by law. They must be within ten feet of sleeping areas.
Working smoking detectors should be on each floor of your home, particularly near bedrooms.
In case of a power outage, stock up on batteries, flashlights and canned goods

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