Officers Save 4 Year Old Choking ChildLast night around 9:47pm, officers from District 2 on patrol in the area of Dudley St. and Shirley St. observed a hysterical woman with a child in apparent distress. Officers immediately responded and determined that child was unable to breathe due to an obstruction in her airway. The child was convulsing with her eyes rolling back and appeared to be on the verge of becoming unconscious. Officers immediately requested an ambulance and administered medical assistance by performing the Heimlich maneuver on the child. In so doing, officers were able to partially dislodge the obstruction from the child’s throat allowing her to breathe until EMTs arrived on scene. EMTs, shortly thereafter, responded to the scene and transported the victim to Children’s Hospital where she was treated and released.
Two Arrested in Roxbury Tagging a School
Officers assigned to District 2 were conducting surveillance yesterday morning in the Mission Hill area due to an increase in Graffiti and Tagging. At about 3:50am, officers observed two males in front of the Tobin Elementary School. Officers stopped the two and conducted a threshold inquiry. One suspect was found to have fresh ink on his hands, and was in possession of markers and spray cans. Officers also located fresh black ink on a door at that location. Both will be arraigned in the Roxbury District Court.
Trespassers Arrested Downtown
This morning at about 1:15am, an officer from District 1 patrolling in the Knapp Alley area observed two individuals in the alley. The officer knows the area for its drug use and prostitution activity and observed a “no trespass” sign posted in the alley. Both suspects were placed under arrest and booked in the usual manner. Rudy Strickland, 37, of Roxbury and Julie Stimson, 42, of Boston will both be arraigned on Monday in the Boston Municipal Court and charged with Trespassing.

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