Victim Robbed of Wallet After Being Asked for CigarettesYesterday around 11:45pm, officers from District 3 responded to 118 Millet St. for a larceny. There, officers spoke to the victim who reported to officers that he had just been robbed. The victim explained that he was walking when a passing car pulled up next to him and an individual exit and ask him for a cigarette. The victim further reported that as he pulled out his cigarettes to give one to the individual, he also retrieved some money. Per the victim, the suspect then grabbed the cigarettes and his money, pushed him down and fled the scene.
Payback for High School Feud?
This morning at 5:26am offices from District 14 responded to 71 Etna St for an assault and battery report. On arrival, officers spoke to the victim who reported that he came to Boston earlier to “party” with some friends. The victim further reported that after a night of “partying” he along with his friends went to a mutual friend’s house where he fell asleep. The victim stated to officers that he was awakened by someone pouring beer on him and declaring to him “You thought you were tough in high school! Let’s see how tough you are now!” the victim went to tell officers that he was assaulted by three suspects before he was able to flee the apartment and call the police. Officers responded to the location of the assault but were unsuccessful in locating the suspects.

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