Daily Incidents For August 18, 2006

Armed Home Invasion At 107 Ellington StreetYesterday around 2:16pm, officers in District 3 responded to a radio call for an armed home invasion. On arrival the victim, who stated that a man knocked on the door, and when his girlfriend opened the door the suspect barged his way into the apartment pointing a firearm. A second suspect entered the house with a firearm and began searching the house. The victim was stripped of his jewelry. The suspect fled the scene in a white motor vehicle. A description was broadcasted and shortly later a detail officer stopped a motor vehicle fitting that description at Crawford and Warren Streets. The suspect was positively identified by the victim and placed under arrest. Ellis Thornton, 33, of Jamaica Plain, was arrested and charged with Home Invasion, Armed Robbery, Possession Of Class D, Receiving Stolen Property, and Unlawful Possession of Firearm. Officers did recover drugs and the victim’s jewelry.
Police Officer Assaulted During Loud Party Call
Early this morning officer in District 4 responded to a radio call for a loud party at 660 Massachusetts Avenue. On arrival officer proceeded to the rear of 660 Mass Avenue, where the noise was coming from. Officers knocked on the backyard gate and announced their office and asked the persons present to open the gate. Individuals in the yard asked who were there, once again officers announced their office. A person in the yard stated “no come around front”. Once again officers tried to gain entry via the back yard and were told to come around front. When officers entered the property through the rear they observed 10-12 people in the living room. Officers tried to ascertain who lived in the apartment but no one answered. Officers asked for someone to open the front door so other officers could gain access to the apartment. No one moved and several people stated, “I don’t live here”. Officers once again asked who lived there and an individual came out of a bedroom and acknowledged that he lived there. The officer asked the owner to open the front door so other officers could gain entry. Mr. Acosta stated to owner that he did not have to open the door and also stated that they didn’t have to leave. Officers feared that Mr. Acosta was escalating the situation and would insight others present to become abusive and refuse to leave. While removing Mr. Acosta from the residence an officer was hit on the head with a beer bottle. Brian Burke, 24, of Quincy was charged with Disturbing the Peace and John Acosta, 22, of Boston was charged with Disorderly Person and Assault and Battery on a Police Officer. The officer was not injured during this incident.

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