A Message from Police Commissioner Albert E. Goslin

As most of you are aware by now, law enforcement authorities in London arrested 21 individuals on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack targeting commercial airline flights operating out of the United Kingdom. In response to these arrests, the US Department of Homeland Security has raised the aviation security level to Code Red. This applies to commercial aviation operating in or headed toward the United States.There is no known specific threat to Boston. However, Boston Police officers have been instructed to remain at a heightened state of awareness, and will exercise extra vigilance. We will coordinate our security efforts with our Federal, state and local partners, in particular the Department of Homeland Security, the Massachusetts State Police, and our partners in the Boston Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI). Department personnel will also be engaging in routine reviews of physical security procedures, conducting inspections when notified of suspicious items, person, and vehicles, and will be taking additional precautions at public events as warranted. The Boston Police Department remains ready to assist our partners in the Massachusetts State Police if needed.
Again, it is important to remember that our alert status for the City of Boston has not been changed by these events. If we should receive information that changes our current alert status, or otherwise indicates that extra precautions are in order, then we will mobilize the appropriate personnel and move to the next level of alert.
Residents should not feel any need to alter their daily habits or work schedules. We remind you to report any suspicious behavior to the Boston Police, via 911 or via our anonymous tip line 800-494-TIPS.

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