The Grand Total Is In!Mayor to Announce Final “Buyback” Tally
Media Invited to Preview Send Off to Destruction
WHO: Mayor Thomas M. Menino; Boston Police Acting Commissioner Albert E. Goslin; Youth in Crisis Ministry Reverend Shawn Harrison; numerous community and faith-based organizations
WHAT: Mayor Menino joined by the Boston Police Department and members of the community will announce the grand total of collected “buyback” firearms. The Boston Police Ballistics Units has completed auditing the inventory of collected weapons and the final tally is in. On hand will be hundreds of firearms that have been removed from city streets. The media will witness a large collection of these firearms being loaded into a BPD Patrol Wagon and sent to an “undisclosed” location to be melted into sewer caps.
WHERE: Boston Police Headquarters
Outside under the entry way
WHEN: Thursday, July 20, 2006
11:00 AM
WHY: “Aim For Peace” is one of the latest actions put forth by the Mayor’s Strategic Crime Council and it’s six-pronged crime strategy to aggressively address crime issues. Working closely with community partners, the development of this important program was intended to proactively take guns off the street and send a strong message to violent criminals that we will not allow our streets to be overridden with crime. Together, we are encouraging youth to reject a life of crime and violence and embrace a life of hope and peace.

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