Rookie Cop Attacked Making Arrest

At 7:46pm last evening, a rookie officer patrolling the Sonoma Street area made observations of four men behind a building that was posted “No Trespassing.” The uniformed officer exited his marked police car and walked to the rear of the building to investigate. Upon seeing the uniformed cop, all four males fled in different directions, one clinching his pants pocket as he ran. The officer chased the suspect who was holding his pocket believing him to be armed and apprehended him in the rear yard of 31 Sonoma Street. In the yard, the officer was cognizant of a children’s birthday party that was taking place with several children and adults present. The officer, fearing for the safety of all people present, ordered the suspect to show his hands. The suspect did not comply and instead stuffed his hand into his pocket to prevent the officer from conducting a pat frisk. A violent struggle ensued between the officer and the suspect when the suspect punched the officer in the face. During the struggle about 50 partygoers, both adults and children, surrounded the officer and the suspect and a child was knocked to the ground. The officer, now on the ground, was struck in the head by a set of keys thrown by an unknown female. Then about 20 of the adults began kicking and punching the officer as he struggled with the suspect. During the fight the suspect ripped off the pocket on the officer’s shirt causing the officer’s cell phone to fall to the ground. The suspect jumped to his feet and began to run at the encouragement of the partygoers. The officer was able to grab the suspect’s shirt and in an attempt to stop him, discharged his OC spray towards the suspect. The officer observed the suspect throw a plastic bag containing what the officer believed to be marijuana, to the ground as he tried unsuccessfully to break free from the officer. Additional help arrived and 24-year-old Jerome Goffigan of Boston was placed in handcuffs. Goffigan was charged with assault and battery by means of dangerous weapon, assault and battery on police officer, resisting arrest, disturbing the peace, willful destruction of personal property under $250, and possession of class D drugs. The officer and Goffigan were treated by Boston EMS at the station for non-life threatening injuries. The officers cell phone was stolen from the rear yard of 31 Sonoma Street and has yet to be recovered.

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