Daily Incidents for July 16, 2006

Student Falls From Third Floor PorchOfficers in District 2 responded to 135 St. Alphonsus Street at 3:59am this morning on a report of trauma at that location. Emergency Medical Personnel were tending to a 20-year-old male victim who reportedly fell from the third floor porch to the ground. The victim complained of neck and head injury and was taken to Brigham and Women’s Hospital for further treatment and is listed in stable condition. This investigation is ongoing.
Afternoon Accident Lands Driver in Court
At 3:45pm yesterday officers on patrol came upon a two-car accident at 25 Stuart Street, Downtown. Officers observed a red Toyota Camry with extensive rear-end damage and a gray Toyota Camry with front-end damage parked on the median strip. According to the driver of the red Toyota she was stopped at the traffic light and was struck from behind by the gray car. She declined medical attention at this time. Officers then spoke with the driver of the gray car who told police that he didn’t see the red car because he was, “high on heroin.” He also told the officers that he was just stabbed in the arm by an unknown person and was attempting to get away from his assailant. The driver of the gray Toyota was taken to New England Medical Center for further treatment. While filling out reports, officers were informed that a male had just entered the station and reported his gray Toyota stolen earlier that day, the same car driven by the suspect. Officers charged 32-year-old Damond Brown of Dorchester with operating under the influence of drugs, receiving stolen motor vehicle, no license in possession, and seat belt violation.

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