Daily Incidents For July 4, 2006

One Person Arrested After An Assault and BatteryAbout 9:42pm officers in District 5 responded to 661 Georgetowne Drive for an Assault and Battery in Progress. On arrival officers spoke with the victim who stated that he got into an argument with his friend, which led to a fistfight. The victim was also struck several times in the head with a crowbar. The victim sustained two large welts to the head and refused medical attention. Alieu Sheriff, 22, of Hyde Park was charged with Assault and Battery by means of a Dangerous Weapon.
Public Intoxication Leads to Arrest
While on patrol early this morning, officers in District 7 observed unknown suspect involved in a loud verbal argument. Upon further investigation the suspect was observed drinking from an open can of beer. Larry Strosnider, 42, of South Boston was arrested for Drinking in Public.

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