ClearChannel Boston Outdoor Donates Billboards to Buyback ProgramA Sampling of the 127 Collected “Buyback” Firearms To Be On Display
WHO: Mayor Thomas M. Menino; Boston Police Superintendent-in-Chief Albert E. Goslin; ClearChannel Boston Outdoor President Drew Hoffman; Boston Ten Point Coalition Executive Director Pastor WHAT: ClearChannel Outdoor has teamed up with Mayor Menino, the Boston Police Department and members of the community to heighten awareness for the 2006 Boston Gun Buyback, “Aim For Peace”. This event will unveil the first of thirty billboards to be located around the city. Participants will also share information related to the program’s increasing success. Many of the 127 guns collected will be on display.
WHERE: Gun Buyback Billboard
Washington Street (75 ft. South of Dimock Street)
WHEN: Friday June 16, 2006
INFO: “Aim For Peace” is the latest action put forth by the Mayor’s Strategic Crime Council and it’s six-pronged crime strategy to aggressively address crime issues. Working closely with community partners, the development of this important program is intended to proactively take guns off the street and send a strong message to violent criminals that we will not allow our streets to be overridden with crime. Together, we are encouraging youth to reject a life of crime and violence and embrace a life of hope and peace. For more information on the Aim For Peace program, please call 1-888-GUNTIPS or visit

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