2006 Boston Gun Buyback “Aim For Peace”Begins Monday June 12th at Noon
Final Team Meeting to Kick-Off Buyback and Collect Gift Cards
WHO: Boston Police Deputy Superintendent Darrin Greeley; Boston Ten Point Coalition Executive Director Pastor Chris Sumner; Project RIGHT Executive Director Jorge Martinez; Boston Police Community Service officers, numerous community and faith-based organizations
WHAT: Tomorrow morning, the Boston Police Department and members of the community will gather one final time immediately prior to the official start of the 2006 Boston Gun Buyback, “Aim For Peace”. The buyback program begins tomorrow Monday, June 12th at noon. The group will meet to review turn-in rules and procedures. Official drop-off sites will also receive their Target® gift cards. This “no questions asked” program will allow individuals to dispose of firearms without fear of charges for illegal possession when turning in the gun. The one-month program that begins tomorrow asks city residents to “Aim For Peace” and turn in a gun at various designated drop-off sites citywide in exchange for a $200.00 Target ® gift card.
WHY: “Aim For Peace” is the latest action put forth by the Mayor’s Strategic Crime Council and it’s six-pronged crime strategy to aggressively address crime issues. Working closely with community partners, the development of this important program is intended to proactively take guns off the street and send a strong message to violent criminals that we will not allow our streets to be overridden with crime. Together, we are encouraging youth to reject a life of crime and violence and embrace a life of hope and peace.
WHERE: Boston Ten Point Coalition
215 Forest Hills St., Jamaica Plain
WHEN: Monday June 12, 2006
10:30 AM

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