Murder Suspect’s Cover Blown in Windy City

Members of the Youth Violence Strike Force and United States Marshall Service arrested 22-year-old Michael Bohannon in Chicago today, charging him with the 2002 murder of Adornous Hazelwood. Bohannon was taken into custody at a residence at 547 East 73rd Street, Chicago.It is alleged that on the afternoon of April 1, 2002, Bohannon gunned down Hazelwood after a failed attempt earlier in the day. Hazelwood was shot while he was standing near a group of people just blocks from his home. He was taken to area hospital and pronounced dead a short time later.
This case was broadcast on America’s Most Wanted in February of this year. Since that airing many calls have come in with information as to Bohannon and his possible whereabouts. Investigators in Boston along with agents of the United States Marshall Service worked tirelessly on these tips that eventually led them to Chicago. Boston authorities working together with members of the Great Lakes Fugitive Task Force set up surveillance on the East 73rd Street address. Bohannon was observed as he came out onto a porch to water some flowers. Once authorities identified Bohannon, they surrounded the house and took him into custody without incident. Bohannon is scheduled for a Rendition Hearing in Chicago in the morning. If he chooses not to fight rendition, Bohannon could be back in Boston as early as tomorrow.
“The Boston Police Department continues to work tirelessly to bring murderers to justice,” Superintendent-in-Chief, Albert E. Goslin said of Bohannon’s arrest. “It may take time to build the case, to get it right, but this Department will never give up.” Chief Goslin also acknowledged the extraordinary efforts of the United States Marshall Service and their continued cooperation and support of the Boston Police.

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