6 Guns, 5 Arrests, in 4 Hours

Between 6:20pm and 10:20pm last night, officers around the City recovered six loaded handguns and arrested five men in connection with the possession of those guns in four separate incidents.Beginning around 6:20pm members of the Youth Violence Strike Force made observations of a group of males outside 135 Homestead Street, Roxbury. Further investigation led the officers into the house where they encountered a 15-year-old male and 21-year-old Alexander Diaz both of whom had just ran inside upon seeing the officers. Three handguns, two loaded 9mm’s and one .25 caliber, were found inside a bedside table where one of the suspect was standing. Both males were placed under arrest.
Then at 9:11pm, plainclothes officers from District 3 made observations of a male on a bicycle in the area 40 Hansborough Street, Dorchester. As the officers approached, the male discarded what officers believed to be a gun from his waist onto the street. Officers were able to stop the suspect and recovered a loaded 9mm from the street. Brett White, 18, of Mattapan was arrested and charged with the illegal possession of the gun.
Almost simultaneously at 9:16pm in the area of 28 Mildred Avenue, Dorchester, members of the Youth Violence Strike Force made observations of a group walking on Norfolk Street. One of the males in the group, upon seeing the officers, took off on foot clutching his waistband as he ran. One officer giving chase observed the suspect throw a silver revolver to the ground alongside 28 Mildred Avenue as he ran. Clifford Cash, 18, of Mattapan was quickly apprehended and officers recovered a loaded .22 caliber gun from beside 28 Mildred Avenue.
Next, at 10:23pm officers from District 11 were in the area of Arcadia Street when they heard gunshots coming from the area of Charles Street. Immediately officers went toward the area of the shots and discovered a parked car in the middle of Charles Street occupied by a male driver. A second male approached the officers on foot from the area of the Grover Cleveland Middle School and informed them that a male just fired a gun towards him and took off on foot down Charles Street. According to this male victim, he confronted the suspect on an unrelated matter at which time the suspect pulled a gun and started shooting. The officers broadcasted a detailed description of the suspect and began a search of the area. MBTA Transit Police located a suspect matching the description on the platform at the Fields Corner T-Station. As the officers approached, they observed the suspect discard an object to the tracks which turned out to be a loaded 357 Magnum handgun. Mario Delvalle, 21, of Boston, was placed under arrest and charged with the shooting.

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