Daily Incidents for May 15, 2006

Drug Arrest at Elm Hill Avenue and Brookledge StreetAbout 5:25pm officers in District 2 stopped two individuals that fit a description from a previous call. As the officers approached, one of the suspects took an unknown object and began placing it inside his pants. As the officers approached the motor vehicle they could smell a strong odor of marijuana. One of the suspects informed the officers that he had a couple of bags of marijuana inside of his motor vehicle. Oscar Carrasquillo, 20, of Dorchester and Jose Dechoudens, 20, of Roxbury were both placed under arrest and charged with Possession of Class D.
Disturbance at Burger King ends in Warrant Arrest
Last night about 7:10pm officers in District 1 responded to 128 Tremont Street for a disturbance. Upon arrival officers spoke with victim who stated that her boyfriend was irritated because he had not smoked a cigarette in four days. Further investigation by officers revealed that the suspect had an outstanding warrant. Jonathan Trefry, 24, of Haverhill was arrested for Receiving Stolen Motor Vehicle.
Drinking in Public Leads to Arrest
This morning at 12:17am officers in District 2 were on patrol at the intersection of Dudley and Dearborn Streets and observed a female drinking alcohol in public. As the officers approached, the suspect threw the can of beer over a fence and walked away. Further investigation revealed that the suspect has an outstanding warrant. Paula Shay, 37, of Quincy was arrested for Disorderly Conduct and Drinking Alcohol Beverages in Public.

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