Daily Incidents For May 11, 2006

Juvenile Arrested For TaggingAbout 2:50pm officers in District 2 observed a black male spray painting the side of a building at the corner of Mt. Pleasant and Dudley Streets. When the suspect saw the officers he put the spray paint can in his pocket and walked away. Officers observed writing on the wall where the suspect was standing. The juvenile from Roxbury was placed under arrest for Tagging/Graffiti.
Armed Robbery at Tremont Street and Pembroke Street
Yesterday evening about 4:30pm officers in District 4 responded to a radio call for an armed Robbery at 114 Pembroke Street. Officers spoke with victim who stated three unknown males beat him and slashed him with a knife and a broken bottle. The victim was robbed of forty dollars and sustained injuries to his arms and face. The victim was extremely belligerent, uncooperative and adamantly refused medical attention.
Teen Arrested For Assaulting Police Officers
Early this morning about 6:46am officers in District 3 responded to a radio call for a woman who wanted her daughter removed at 236 Talbot Avenue. Officers spoke with the victim who stated that her daughter was smoking marijuana and being very disrespectful. Officers at that time informed the suspect that she would have to leave. When officers approached the suspect to escort her off the premise, she began punching and kicking officers. The juvenile from Dorchester was placed under arrest for Assault and Battery on a Police Officer.

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