Daily Incidents for February 25, 2006

Suspect Arrested on Default Warrant For Gun ChargesYesterday afternoon officers from District 3 arrested Jason Radeos, 20, of Milton at 53 Freeport Street. The suspect had defaulted from the Dorchester District Court yesterday morning. He was arrested and charged with the warrant for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and Discharging a Firearm within 500 feet of a Dwelling.
Charlestown Victim Taken to the Cleaners
Officers from District 15 responded to 69 Main Street last night at about 6:50pm on a report of an armed robbery. On arrival, the officers spoke with the clerk at the Tuttles Dry Cleaners. The victim reports an unknown white male wearing a purple ski mask and glasses entered the store, displayed a silver handgun and robbed the victim. The suspect fled the store on Main Street toward City Square.
Sun Glass Hut Robbed on Newbury Street
Last night at 6:35pm, an officer from District 4 responded to 182 Newbury Street for a larceny in progress at the Sun Glass Hut. The witness reported to police that the suspect, an unknown black male wearing a gray sweatshirt and dark cap entered the store and requested to see some merchandise. The employee unlocked a cabinet and the suspect ordered the victim away from the cabinet. The suspect then removed about $5,000 in glasses and fled out of the store on to Newbury Street.
East Boston Victim Robbed at Gunpoint
A 36-year-old East Boston resident reported to police that while walking home from the train on South Bremen Street last night at 7:45pm, three unknown suspect approached him, displayed a gun and attempted to rob him. The victim refused and was assaulted by the suspects. The victim was transported to the Massachusetts General Hospital for further treatment. The suspects fled with the victim’s wallet containing United States Currency.
Suspect Arrested in Jamaica Plain for Breaking and Entering
Officers from District 13 responded to 100 Montebello Street last night at 6:57pm on a report of a breaking and entering. The victim reported to police that when she returned home she observed her back door open. While officers were conducting a protective search of the premise, they found the suspect hiding in a dark basement. The officers arrested Jose Fontanez, 36, of Everett and charged him with Unarmed Breaking and entering at Night and for failing to appear to the Wes Roxbury court for Possession of Class A Drugs.
District 2 Officers Arrest Suspect and Recover Firearm
Responding to a call last night at 9:17pm for shots fired at Melnea Cass Boulevard and Tremont Street, officers from District 2 received additional information that the suspects fled into the Domino’s Pizza Place near Roxbury Crossing. The two Boston Officers and a Transit Officer entered the Pizza shop and began questioning a group. At that time, a suspect fled out the door. Officers began chasing the suspect and after a lengthy foot chase apprehended him on Elmwood Street. The firearm which officers observed him discard while chasing the suspect was recovered in the grass near Roxbury Community College. The suspect, Matthew Pizarro, 17, of Dorchester is charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and Ammunition.
Juvenile Arrested with Loaded Firearm and C.H.I.N.S Warrant on Columbia Road
Members of the Youth Violence Strike Force observed a 15-year-old male from Dorchester walking on Columbia Road at about 1:50 this morning. When the juvenile observed the officers he began to flee toward number 173 Columbia Road. The officers exited their vehicle and began following the suspect. The officers observed the suspect with a firearm in his hand and witnessed him discard it while running from the police. The juvenile continued running and climbed a fence leading to a playground in the rear of 173 Columbia Road. One officer climbed the fence and continued to chase the suspect. Inside the park, the officer was assisted by others who assisted in arresting the juvenile. Another member of the Strike Force recovered the loaded firearm where they observed the suspect discard it. The juvenile will be charged with Delinquency to wit: Unlawful Possession of A Firearm, Ammunition, Trespassing and a C.H.I.N.S. warrant.
Officers Arrest Suspect Inside Gloucester Street Apartment
This morning at 2:22am, officers from District 4 responded to 46 Gloucester Street for a report of a breaking in entering. On arrival officers found numerous doors and windows broken. Officers found Marc Palmeri, 28, of New York City inside a basement apartment. The suspect was arrested and charged with Destruction of Personal Property and Unarmed Breaking and Entering at Night. He will be arraigned Monday morning at the Boston Municipal Court.
25 –Year-Old Male From Roslindale Stabbed After Traffic Incident
Officers assigned to District 6 in South Boston responded to the Boston Medical Center this morning to investigate a stabbing that occurred at 1225 Massachusetts Avenue. Officers spoke with the victim who reported that at 2:08am, he and a witness were struck by another motor vehicle causing damage to their vehicle. As the victim and witness attempted to get information from the driver of the other vehicle a S.U.V. backed down the Street and two people exited that car. Both occupants of the S.U.V. got out and confronted the victim and began fighting. The
victim realized he was stabbed and was transported to the Boston Medical Center by the witness. The suspects returned to their vehicle and fled toward Columbia Road. The victim’s injury is considered non-life threatening.
Double the Trouble in Brighton
Two 19-year-old brothers were arrested last night after police responded to their Egremont Street apartment. Police from District 14 responded to the apartment and found a large crowd gathered in the apartment drinking and disturbing the peace. Officers arrested David and William Pulito, both 19 and charged them with Possession of Alcoholic Beverages by Person under 21, and Disturbing the Peace. Both will be arraigned in Brighton Court on Monday.
Everyone Must Wait In Line At the Gypsy Bar
This morning at 1:20am Officers from District 1 responded to the Gypsy Bar at 116 Boylston Street on a report of a female hit with a bottle. On arrival the officers spoke with the 23-year-old female from South Boston who stated while waiting in line at the bar another female bypassed the line and attempted to go into the bar. The victim notified the staff and the other female was escorted to the back of the line. Inside the bar, the victim was approached by the female who attempted to cut the line who then hit the victim in the head with a wine glass. The victim was transported to the Massachusetts General Hospital and the suspect, Lindsay Marie Perrotta, 23, of Brockton was arrested and charged with Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon.
Smoke Bomb Creates Foggy Condition At Bar
Officers from District 4 responded to 911 Boylston Street this morning on a report of a fire. On arrival, officers spoke with the Boston Fire Department who reported an unknown person set of a “smoke bomb” in the basement of the “Foggy Goggle”. No damage or injuries were reported.
Queensberry Street Robbery Sends Victim to Hospital
This morning at 1:33am, an officer from District 4 responded to a local Hospital to meet a victim of an assault that occurred on Queensberry Street. At the hospital, the 38-year-old victim reported to have chatted with another male on the Internet at about 9:00pm. The victim invited the suspect to his apartment and he arrived around 11:30pm. After about an hour, the suspect went to get water in another room and returned to the victim and placed a small silver handgun to the victim’s head and demanded money. The victim attempted to take the gun away from the victim and both started rolling around on the floor. The suspect began yelling for help and two suspects entered the apartment using a metal bar to forcibly enter the dwelling. When inside all three suspects began to punch and kick the victim while demanding money. The three suspects eventually tied the victim up and removed electronic equipment as well as a safe. They all fled the scene in an unknown direction. The victim was able to free himself and call police from an establishment near his home. The victim was treated for his injuries, while District 4 Detectives continue to investigate the incident.

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