Daily Incidents For February 17, 2006

Gas Station Robbery in BrightonTwo suspects entered the gas station on North Beacon Street last night at about 10:35pm and robbed the attendant. Before fleeing, one of the suspects dropped an undisclosed amount of U.S. Currency that he had robbed from the victim. Both suspects then fled on foot toward the projects.
Juvenile Arrested in East Boston on “88 Stairs”
Officers from District 7’s anti-crime unit were patrolling an area last night and observed a group of teens on the “88 stairs” which are the stairs starting from Orient Avenue to Breed Street. One officer approached from the Breed Street side and the other officer from the Orient Avenue side. When the suspect observed both officers, he discarded a bag full of drugs and ran into the bushes. The suspect continued running with police in pursuit when he dove head first into thick brush and became stuck. The juvenile was arrested and charged with Resisting Arrest, A&B on a Police Officer, Possession of a Dangerous Weapon (Knife) and Possession with Intent to Distribute B Class D within 1000’ of a School Zone.
Fugitive Arrested in South End
Don’t ask an officer to assist you when you lock your keys in your van if you are wanted!! This morning at 1:09am, Robert Martin, 39, asked an officer for assistance after locking his keys in his car. The officers ran the suspect’s plate to confirm that he was the owner of the vehicle. After confirming it was his vehicle, officers discovered the suspect was wanted out of Florida. He was arrested and charged as a Fugitive from Justice.
Symphony Road Party Leads to Two Arrests
Officers from District 4 responded to 19 Symphony Road this morning after numerous calls to 9-1-1 regarding a loud party in an apartment. On arrival officers heard loud music when they arrived at the residence around 1:52am. After speaking to the residents, who felt the officers were violating their rights, and ordering the party to stop, the residents continued to party and became louder. Police arrested Lisa Marie Pezzino, 23 and Morgan Nixon, (m), 22, both of Boston.

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