AK47 Recovered While Arresting a Fugitive in Dorchester

Members of the Youth Violence Strike Force responded to 65 Stratton Street in Dorchester yesterday morning at 6:45am after receiving information that a Fugitive from Justice was staying at that address. Officers responded to the third floor apartment where they knocked and announced that it was the Boston Police. Moments later, the door opened and officers were able to identify the male as Byron Jackson, age 24, from a booking photo that had been given by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. Jackson fled from the door and ran to a bedroom where he began grabbing clothes off a bed and hesitated when asked to place his hands behind his back. After securing Jackson, he was told he was under arrest for being a Fugitive from Justice from the State of Florida on the charge of Possession and Intent to Sell Cocaine and Marijuana.Officers conducted a protective sweep of the apartment to ensure no one else was present. While in the suspect’s room, an office removed two clothes hampers that were placed in front of a baby crib in to confirm no one was hiding under the crib. The officer observed a shoulder strap of a rifle hanging down from the bottom of the crib and the bottom of a rifle lying flat against the springs of the underside of the crib. The suspect was also in possession of an altered license and he refused to provide officers with his true identity. He was transported to a police station and officers applied for a search warrant on the apartment.
At about 3:35pm, members from the Boston Police Special Investigations Unit and the Youth Violence Strike Force executed a Dorchester District Court Search Warrant at 65 Stratton Street in Dorchester. The following items were seized: an AK47 with one high capacity feeding device loaded with 29 rounds of ammunition in it; a second loaded high capacity feeding device containing 39 rounds of ammunition; and one low capacity feeding device.

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