Police Arrest Scam Artist at Bank

While attending the wake of a neighborhood activist in the Chinatown neighborhood, two officers assigned to District 1 responded to 43 Kneeland Street on a report of a suspicious person inside the Sovereign Bank. Inside the bank, the officers spoke with an employee who informed the officers that the suspect was attempting to commit a larceny. The bank employee reported that the suspect, Donald Barrows, 40, of Cambridge had deposited bogus envelopes into ATM machines totaling over $10,000.00. The suspect would them go to the bank and withdraw money from the account. The suspect had been successful at withdrawing an undisclosed amount of United State Currency today in Cambridge. While inside 43 Kneeland, he was attempting to withdraw $9,000.00. The suspect was arrested and transported to Area A1 where he was booked. During the booking process, officers seized a large amount of United States Currency from the suspect. He was charged with Larceny over $250 and will be arraigned in the Boston Municipal Court tomorrow morning.

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