Bourneside Street Homicide Investigation Update

Officers from District 11 responded to 43 Bourneside Street last evening around 2145hrs after receiving a 911 call for a person shot at that location. On arrival officers went to the basement of that location and discovered four males suffering from what appeared to be gunshot wounds. Three of the males were pronounced dead at the scene and the four was taken to Boston Medical Center where he later succumbed to his injuries. The area the victims were located is a finished living space containing some electronic equipment including; television sets, stereo/radio equipment and some recording equipment.Two of the four victims have been identified as 22-year-old Jihad Chankhour of Wakefield and 21-year-old Edwin Duncan of 43 Bourneside Street Dorchester. The two remaining victims will not be identified until full family notifications have been made.
Homicide investigators are asking for the public’s help in locating a vehicle that is wanted in connection with this investigation. A 1998 black Ford escort hatchback with tinted windows. If a vehicle fitting this description is observed by the public, they are asked to not to approach the car and to contact the police immediately.
This investigation is ongoing, anyone with information pertaining to this incident can contact the Boston Police Homicide Unit at 617-343-4470 or the Boston Police Anonymous Tip Line at 800-494-TIPS.
The following are questions and answers asked during an afternoon press conference.
Q: Superintendent- Do you have a suspect in mind that fits with this car?
A: Initially there were reports going out on an individual that may have been operating this vehicle. That information was not accurate. We are simply looking for the vehicle at this point, the only information I can provide you is relative to that vehicle. Information that may have been given out prematurely or inaccurately about a suspect, I am not going to comment on that, so much as to say this vehicle would be an important step in this investigation and we’re looking for help locating it.
Q: Do you have any information about a heavy set male seen leaving the scene?
I’m aware that that information was being mentioned, at this time is inaccurate. The vehicle is the subject of my focus at this point.
Q: So there wasn’t a heavy male leaving the scene?
I’m not going to comment any further on it. Just the information that was being given and provided last nite was not accurate relative to that vehicle.
Q: Do you have a plate on the car?
We have a plate, but I’m not going to disclose it at this moment. We may release that a little later on. It is a Black Ford Escort, 1998, tinted windows. The plate may be removed. So I’d like people to look for the vehicle with tinted windows and notify the police.
Q: Sedan, wagon, four door?
It’s a hatchback
Q: You said the information regarding the car was inaccurate. Is the info regarding witnesses seeing a heavyset man running from the scene – was that inaccurate?
No. The info re: the car was accurate. I’m looking for the vehicle. I’m not going to comment on the information about the male. The information that was provided last nite was not accurate, based on what we now know at this moment relative to the suspect.
Q: So many people have reported different things. Could you just —
A: I’m giving you official information. This is why I’m asking you to consider this information preliminary, and not allow this to take on a whole different life of its own. I’m providing you with accurate information as I know it at this moment. We’re looking for the public’s help in locating this vehicle.
Q: Is the vehicle an indication that it may have been owned by a victim and taken by the suspect? Is that one of your concerns?
It is a concern of mine. There’s a possibility that this vehicle, is we believe owned by or operated by one of the victims prior to this incident. As I stated earlier it is unaccounted for, and we are looking to locate it.

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