NEWS RELEASE – 11-21-05 – 2005-#338

Two Arrested at Allston Frat PartyOn Sunday morning at about 12:04 AM Officers from District 14 responded to a radio call for a loud party at 49 Gardner St, Allston. While responding to the complaint Officers were advised by the dispatcher that the party was at a \”Frat House\” and that guests were entering through the rear door. They were paying an entrance fee to get alcohol.
The 911 callers further added that the guests appeared to be underage. When the officers arrived at the front of 49 Gardner St, they could hear a loud party emanating from the house, however they noticed that all of the windows that face the street had their lights off, as to give the appearance that the party was not in their house. Officers went to the rear to investigate the 911 callers claims, and observed a long line of young males and females in front of suspect Andrew Davis.
Suspect Davis was sitting on a chair just outside the rear door and in possession of a sleeve of red plastic cups that he would give to the next person in line if they were willing to give suspect Davis five U.S. Dollars ($5.00). Upon the completion of the exchange of money for the cup, suspect Davis used a \”SHARPIE\” marker to mark the customers hand as a second indication that payment was received. Officers, wearing civilian attire, approached suspect Davis with cash in hand and asked for a cup.
Suspect Davis advised Officers that the price was going to be $5.00, however they would have to wait because the house was overcrowded. At this point Officers identified themselves and displayed their badges to suspect Davis and announced their presence. Officers seized suspect Davis’ money and brought him inside to clear the party and to identify other residents. Officers cleared approximately 100 persons from the 1st second and third floors. When the officers arrived in the basement, they found an additional 200 persons crowded into a make shift bar, that include a DJ booth, complete with music making equipment and a bar that was serving beer from (5) kegs and also serving assorted \”Jell-O Shots.\”
Officers cleared the 200 guests from the basement and seized the five kegs. As guests were being escorted out of the house, the Officer observed suspect Alexander Berg stop in the kitchen area and begin to drink a full cup of beer. The Officer approached suspect Alexander Berg and asked him for identification. The suspect handed an ID to the Officer who inspected the Mass ID and determined suspect was 18 years of age. Suspect Berg was placed under arrest for minor in possession of alcohol. Suspect Davis was placed under arrest for Disturbing the Peace, Procuring Alcohol for Minors and Minor in Possession of Alcohol. This house is the home of the Boston University Chapter of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity.

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