Unsolved Homicide Media Reports

Unsolved Homicide Media Reports

The links below will bring you to the media reports related to unsolved murder cases in the City of Boston.

Victim: Anthony Smalls, Date: 07/02/2010, Location: 4-6 MIlton Ave., Dorchester  

Carly Jones, 01/29/2013, 28 Fawndale Rd., Roslindale

Jerome Lassiter, 12/03/2010, 36 Rowe St., Roslindale  


Jaquan Mitchell


 Jaquan Mitchell, 10/05/201, 10 Trotter Ct., Boston

Leroy Carvalho, 10/02/2013, 26 Albion St., Roxbury

Tremayne Jackson & Mibsam Wiggins, 05/03/2013, 416 Warren St., Rox.