Boston Pedicab Operators License Application

New and Renewal Pedi-Cab Drivers License Application Guidelines


• Be 21 years of age or older

• Be able to Speak, Read, Write and Understand the English Language

• Provide/attach either a Birth Certificate, Alien Card, Asylum Document, US Passport or Naturalization Papers

• If you are not a US citizen but have work authorization you must provide/attach written documentation / Work Authorization Card

• Have a Valid Massachusetts Driver’s License in the United States for at least 2 years. (Attach a copy)

• Not have been adjudged a Habitual Traffic Offender, as defined by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles standards, or the equivalent in any jurisdiction, within the past 5 years.

• Not have any outstanding or unresolved driving infractions which could result in the applicants Driver’s license being suspended or revoked in any jurisdiction.

• Not have had his or her Driver’s License suspended for 5 or more surchargeable events, within the past 5 years in any jurisdiction.

• Not have more than four violations/accidents as defined by the Registry of Motor Vehicles or equivalent department in the last 3 years in any jurisdiction. (same day equals one)

• No Operating Under the Influence of drugs or alcohol convictions or dispositions under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 90 section 24D within the past 5 years or the equivalent in any jurisdiction.

• No felony convictions within the last 5 years in any jurisdiction.

• No drug convictions in the last 5 years in any jurisdiction.

• No disposition for an offense in any jurisdiction that admits to such facts or continues such offense without resolution (for any criminal offense that would result in the denial of a license. (See Inspector of Carriages)

• Not required to register as a sex offender in any jurisdiction.

• Not have any outstanding or unresolved criminal court cases in any jurisdiction which could result in the license being denied if the Driver were convicted of the alleged offense.

• The license will expire on March 31; or the expiration date of your employment authorization card or work card, the fee is thirty-two dollars ($32.00 Non-Refundable Processing Fee).

• You may make a payment ONLINE!!! Electronic payments can be made at: Please make sure you complete all required fields. (Click the pull down box marked “Store Items” and choose “Pedicab Operators License – $32.00”) Comment Field must be completed with your Pedicab ID Number. *** PLEASE REMEMBER TO PRINT a copy of your payment receipt before leaving the site. Please attach the verification of payment confirmation with the Boston Pedicab Operators License Application. NOTIFICATION: *** FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE

To the Police Commissioner for the City of Boston: the undersigned respectfully petitions for a Pedicab Operators License.

I am aware of all Traffic Rules and Regulations with respect to vehicular traffic and understand fully that my license to operate a Pedicab may be suspended or revoked for cause by the Police Commissioner or his designees at any time. I have received, read and understand the Police Commissioners Special Order # 07-062.

BPD Initial: