Bureau of Administration and Technology

Bureau of Administration and Technology

Assists with the management, personnel, fiscal, maintenance, communication, and procurement functions required for the Department to accomplish its mission. 

Administrative Collections Unit

Responsible for overseeing the collection and processing of any administrative fees associated with false alarms, mooring fees, Department cellular telephone charges and lost/stolen Department property.


Mail Services Unit
Responsible for collection, sorting, distribution, and delivery of Department mail.

Operations Division

Responsible for the receipt of calls for assistance and for directing the deployment of response units as called for by the community policing response plan. The Division is also responsible for headquarters security.  The Division includes the Building Security Unit, the Neighborhood Interaction Unit, the Stolen Car Unit, the Warrant Section, and the Missing Persons Section. 

Evidence and Supply Management Division

Responsible for supply and material support of Department functions and evidence management.  The Division includes the Central Supply Unit, the Evidence Control Unit, the Records Center and Archives Section.

Fleet Management Division

Responsible for the acquisition, repair, maintenance and inventory of police vehicles and for evaluating all Departmental motor vehicle accidents and reports.

Licensing and Public Services Division

Responsible for overseeing and setting policy for the following Units in areas that govern the operation of hackney carriages and sightseeing vehicles, the issuing of licenses approved by the Police Commissioner, the maintenance and retrieval of incident and arrest records, and the monitoring of pawn shops.  The Division includes the Hackney Carriage Unit, the Licensing Unit, the Pawn Section, the Public Services Unit, the Field Reports Section, and the Insurance Reports Section.

Facilities Management Division

Responsible for the preparation of the capital budget and the execution of the Capital Plan and for all maintenance and alterations of buildings.  The Division includes the Capital Projects and Planning Unit, the Facilities Maintenance Unit, the Electrical Maintenance Section, and the Building Services Section.

Human Resources Division

The Human Resources Division is responsible for developing and implementing human resource policies, procedures and training programs for Department personnel.  The Division includes the Employment Services Unit, the Records Management Unit, the Attendance Management Unit, the Occupational Health Unit, and the Extended Leave Group.  The Extended Leave Group includes the Medically Incapacitated Section, the Extended Leave Section, the Suspended Section, the Administrative Leave Section, and the Leave of Absence Section.

Technology Services Division

This Division manages the Department\’s technology systems and radio communications infrastructure.


Informational Systems Group
Responsible for identifying, managing and supporting the technology needs of the Department. The Group includes the Application Development and Support Unit, the Desktop and Peripheral Support Unit, the Legacy Systems Unit, and the Network Management Unit.
Communications Group
Responsible for identifying, managing and supporting the communications needs of the Department. This Group includes the Systems Management Unit, the Voice and Video Unit, the In-Vehicle Install and Maintenance Unit, and the Engineering and Frequency Unit.


Finance Division

The primary responsibility of the Finance Division is to ensure that the Department operates in compliance with the legally mandated budget adopted by the City Council.  The Units within the Finance Division include: Budget & Financial Reporting, Grants, Contracts, Payroll, Central Cashier, Paid Details Payment, and the Data Entry Section.