BPD Community Alert: A Thanksgiving Message on safety from Commissioner Cox

Dear Students,

The Boston Police Department reaches out to our College and University communities several times throughout the year in preparation of special events, in order to provide safety tips and guidance. We hope these communications are helpful.  As many members of your community will be traveling to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, you may be leaving your living spaces vacant and unattended for a period of time.  I would like to take this opportunity to offer a few safety tips and reminders to help keep your living spaces and personal possessions protected during your absence.   

Some preventative measures we recommend doing before leaving are: 

  • Secure your housing units when you leave and lock all doors and windows; this includes side doors and basements.
  • If you have air conditioners, please remove them from the windows, especially if the windows lead to a fire escape. If they cannot be removed, make sure they are securely fastened.
  • Be sure that the locks on all doors and windows are in working order.  Contact your management company or landlord if they are not.
  • Install motion sensored or timed lighting in and outside of your residence if possible.  This will create a sense that someone is home.
  • Request to put a hold on any mail delivery via the U.S. Postal Service until you return.  Large piles of mail will often alert possible intruders that the residence is unoccupied. 
  • If possible, ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on things during your time away. Conversely, if you are going to be staying in the city, keep an eye on your neighborhood and call 9-1-1 if you have an emergency or see anything suspicious. 

If you plan on staying in the City during break, please keep in mind that the Boston Police Department will be monitoring the neighborhoods for loud and underage parties. Don’t forget that your homes are in neighborhoods where people live and work.  Please visit www.BPDNews.com for more information and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  

On behalf of the Boston Police Department, have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


Michael A. Cox

Police Commissioner