BPD In The Community: Walk The Beat In The Charlestown

BPD In The Community: Officers assigned to the Bureau of Community Engagement, the District A-1 (Downtown) Community Service team, & the residents of Charlestown senior community joined together to kick off this Fall’s 1st Walk the Beat session in Charlestown. They were even joined by a few special guests, the members of the Civil Rights Unit.

The Walk the Beat program is in its 3rd year & continues to grow with each session held. It has been a wonderful partnership with the BCYF Beverly Gibbons Senior Center & today we were joined by 5 more members of the community. Who came together to celebrate a fellow Beat Walkers birthday & even took the time to walk by and greet a member who unfortunately couldn’t make the walk due to injury. A true sign of community togetherness and support for one another.

Any seniors of the Charlestown community interested in joining the walk can meet the officers on 20 Vine Street every Wednesdays at 10am.