Officers recover a loaded firearm during a traffic stop in Roxbury.

At about 2:15 am on Wednesday September 6, 2023, Officers assigned to the District B2 (Roxbury) Anti-Crime unit arrested Sonvonn Jones, 22 of Roxbury on firearm related charges.

Officers were on patrol in the area of Blue Hill Ave and Dudley St when they observed a motor vehicle with excessive tint. Officers activated their emergency lights and sirens to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle. Upon doing so the officers could observe through the non-tinted rear window the occupants of the vehicle moving around quickly inside also Jones was observed leaning towards the left side of the back seat before looking back in surprise at the officers as they approached the vehicle.

As the officers contacted the operator and passengers in the vehicle, the operator refused to roll the window completely down while admitting that his tints were 20% (Massachusetts legal limit 35%) and claimed the window would break if he rolled it down. The officers could also observe that the operator continuously would look to the backseat without reason while refusing to roll his windows down completely. The officers could also see that Jones who was seated in the rear was extremely nervous with a rapid rise and fall of his chest.

The officers issued an exit order to the occupants of the vehicle and located a black semi-automatic firearm which was determined to be a Glock 30 with an obliterated serial number, the firearm had 23 rounds of ammunition in the magazine, which could hold 29 rounds, also found was a box containing 19, 9mm rounds of ammo, and an empty magazine capable of holding 13 rounds of ammo. The items were located inside of an unzipped backpack that was in the rear of the vehicle on the side Jones was leaning towards prior to being surprised also, located inside the bag was a debit card bearing the name Sonvonn Jones.

Jones was placed under arrest and charged with the following: Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, unlawful possession of a large capacity feeding device, & defacing a firearm serial number. Jones is expected to be arraigned at Roxbury District Court.