Loaded Firearm Recovered After a Traffic Stop in Dorchester

At about 11:45 PM, on Sunday, August 13, 2023, officers assigned to District C-6 (South Boston) arrested Jeremy Harris, 34, of Boston on firearm related charges.

Officers were on patrol in the area of Von Hillern Street and Dorchester Avenue in an effort to address ongoing community concerns of large groups gathering playing loud music, drinking in public and driving recklessly.

Officers observed a motor vehicle with a large speak on its roof generating a loud level of music causing disturbance in the neighborhood. Officers also observed a group of approximately 300 people and vehicles in the immediate area.

As marked cruisers arrived on scene, many individuals in the group began to run, or flee in vehicles. One of the vehicles that officers stopped, they observed the driver to be reaching towards the center console.

Officers advised all four occupants to not move, and the driver continued to reach for the center console. As officers were speaking with the driver, he continued to blade his body away from officers and reaching towards the center console. Officers requested the driver to exit the vehicle, which he refused and locked the doors. After multiple attempts, officers were able to get the driver out of the vehicle and conducted a pat frisk of him, and his immediate area inside the vehicle.

Officers recovered a firearm from inside the vehicle and placed the driver into handcuffs. The firearm was later determined to be a Ruger LC9 with one round in the chamber and six rounds in the magazine. The other three occupants were promptly released from the scene.

Harris was placed under arrest and charged with; Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition. He is expected to be arraigned in South Boston District Court.