BPD Conducts Multi-Agency Operation to Address Community Concerns and Disturbances Caused by Large Crowds

The Boston Police Department oversaw Operation Quiet Streets on Sunday, August 13, 2023. The operation was a multi-agency effort – with great cooperation from our partners – aimed at addressing the disturbances caused by many of the auto groups, off-road vehicles, scooters etc that congregate in various parts of the city. The operation was extremely successful and resulted in the following:

8 arrests were made
4 summons issued to individuals
57 moving citations
2 parking tickets
3 scooter / atv were seized 
6 motor vehicles were towed for violation of auto laws 
8 speaker cars were seized

1 firearm was recovered

Organized groups of individuals – many from outside the City of Boston and the State of Massachusetts, including hundreds of vehicles, have been congregating in certain public areas of the City of Boston. These groups have been engaging in activity ranging from quality-of-life infractions to serious criminal activities.  These activities can involve reckless operation of recreational vehicles with disregard for public safety.

Other criminal activity includes firearm violence, assaults, public consumption of alcohol, open drug consumption, fireworks and playing loud music. Additionally, various violations of the auto laws, such as drag racing, have occurred with these gatherings. Emergency Deployment Teams (EDTs) have been deployed to disperse these groups and have been met with resistance. 

The goal of the operation was to improve the quality of life in the neighborhoods and to restore peace through a collaboration of the Boston Police Department, Massachusetts State Police and various City of Boston agencies who brought their resources to bear on this issue. These gatherings have become a primary source of 911 calls and community complaints to the Boston Police Department due to its impact on the quality of life of and quiet enjoyment within neighborhoods.

The areas targeted this weekend were some of the most heavily impacted and included Franklin Park, 650 American Legion Highway, Old Road and Von Hillern Street and Dorchester Avenue.