Detail Officer Arrests Two Late Night Vandals

At about 3:15am, on Tuesday, June 28, 2011, an officer performing a paid detail on District A-7 (East Boston) observed two males, possibly hiding, in the bushes in the area of 691 Bennington Street. Upon seeing this, the officer, who was driving his personal motor vehicle, turned his car around to further investigate. While approaching the suspects, the officer observed the suspects testing and trying to open car doors. Seeing this, the detail officer requested back-up. While awaiting back-up, the detail officer observed the suspects damage an antenna on a parked motor vehicle. Moreover, the officer observed the suspects pick up a traffic cone. At this time, the detail officer approached and asked the suspects to stop. At about the same time, back-up officers arrived on scene. A search of the street enabled officers to locate four damaged cars. Specifically, officers located two cars with broken passenger-side mirrors and two more missing antennae.
When asked to explain why they were out at 3:30am, one of the suspects stated that he was walking home from work. When asked what time his work day ended, the suspect stated his work day ended at 1:00am.

Officers arrested Remeber Rivera, 24, of Boston and Pedro Pineda-Hernandez, 33, of Boston and charged both with the Willful & Malicious Destruction of Property.