Caught In the Act

Around 3:25AM this morning, a victim of a B&E to her car walked in to District A-7 (East Boston) to report that her car had been broken into and her car GPS stolen from the car. Around the same time that this victim was reporting this incident to officers at the station, a witness walked into the station and reported that she witnessed two males breaking and entering vehicles and that the suspects were still on Havre St. breaking into other cars.
Officers quickly walked across the street and there found a suspect half way inside a motor vehicle with the window shattered and various items in his hands from the car. The suspect was placed under arrest and walked back to District A-7. At the district station, officers recovered a number of items from the suspect including a GPS. The first victim was able to identify an item found on the suspect as having been in her car. Subsequent search of the area resulted in the discovery of three cars that had been broken into by the suspect.

The suspect, Elenilson V. Souza, 30 of Everett was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle in the Nighttime, Receiving Stolen Property and several outstanding warrants.