Straight to the Cell

Yesterday around 4:15PM, officers from District D-4 (South End) responded to 647 Boylston St. /AT&T for a larceny in progress.
En route, officers were told that the attempting to open an account using someone else’s identity.  On arrival, officers spoke to the store manager who reported that the suspect came in the store, and opened a corporate account a week ago purchasing 19 cell phones.  The suspect then yesterday came back and attempted to purchase an additional 18 cell phones under the same corporate account. When the suspect came back yesterday, the manager discovered through their Fraud Department that the suspect was in no way connected to the organization under whose name she had opened the account.

Officers then spoke to the suspect who reported that she owned the organization that she had opened the opened the account under but could not prove in any way her ownership. The suspect then stated that the phones were for her husband’s company but also could not provide any proof of this. Officers continued their investigation and the suspect started becoming more evasive wither answers giving several different locations for her business address, none of which were correct. The phone store then provided officers with paperwork proving the fact that the suspect had gotten the phones under the false pretense of being a company owner/employee.

The suspect, Amy May, 35 of Hampton, NH was arrested and charged with larceny by False Pretense.