Man with Purse Arrested

Yesterday around 1:55PM, officers were on patrol when they observed two white males lightly jogging by with a woman’s purse.  Officers continued to observe these two individuals and saw them walk over to a trash can and start going through the purse.  As the officer started walking towards the suspects, they took notice of him and started walking away.
The officer ordered the suspect with the purse to stop but the suspect continued until the officer grabbed a hold of him. The suspect was able to wrestle away from the officer and fled but the officer was able to hold on to the purse. The officer pursued the suspect all the while broadcasting the suspect’s description and direction of flight. Nearby officers, based on the broadcast, a short while later stopped and individual matching the suspect’s description and stopped him despite the suspect’s attempt to act like he was just taking a stroll through the park while removing his shirt.

During the incident, the officer with the bag was approached by a woman who claimed ownership of the bag. The victim explained to officers that the suspect walked up to her and asked her for a cigarette and before she could anything, reached over, grabbed her bag and took off running.  The victim was then taken to the where the suspect had been stopped to see if she could identify him.

Upon seeing the suspect, the victim positively identified him. The suspect, Jason Webster, 21 of Harwich, MA was arrested and charged with Unarmed Robbery.