First Rate Fan Behavior Highlights Today’s Bruins Victory Parade

\"\"The Boston Police Department would like to thank all those who attended today’s Rolling Rally and did so in a safe and responsible manner. Except for a few isolated incidents, the parade, held to celebrate the Boston Bruins Stanley Cup victory over the Vancouver Canucks, went extremely well and the Boston Police Department is grateful to all those who attended and behaved in an orderly and respectful manner. 
Said Commissioner Edward Davis, “It’s one thing to have a championship team; it’s another to have fans who behave in a championship manner. In the city of Boston, we’re fortunate to have both. Today, exemplary fan behavior was on full display throughout the day and all along the parade route.” 

In total, nine (9) arrests were made throughout the day and those arrested were charged with, among other things, Public Drinking and Disorderly Conduct.