Daughters Turn Dad in for Driving Drunk with 3 year-old

On Thursday, June 16, 2011 at around 9:30 PM  a police officer from District E-18 (Hyde Park) on patrol received information from a paramedic who had observed a white Ford Taurus strike the rear of  a Chrysler Town and Country minivan, causing major damage to its rear and causing the minivan to surge forward and strike another vehicle.  Paramedics said that upon seeing the accident they came over to assist due to the nature of the collision and observed a three year old girl with a Hispanic male in his 40\’s sitting in the front seats of the vehicle with the airbags deployed.  Paramedics observed injuries to the little girl and attempted to treat her but the Hispanic male stated that they were alright and left the scene.  The paramedics attempted to follow the Ford Taurus on Hydepark Avenue, but the vehicle sped off. 
As this set of events were occuring another call came in for a three year child possibly struck by an airbag with cuts and scratches to her face.  Officers responded to 3 Sunnyside Street in Hyde Park and observed extensive damage to a white Ford Taurus.  Officers spoke with the little girl, who stated that she was sitting in the front passenger seat and that her grandfather was involved in a car accident.  The three year old complained of face pain to officers who observed swelling to her left cheek, small scratches to her left cheek and left eye brow.  The three year old girl was transported to Children\’s Hospital for her injuries.  Officers located an empty Corona Light bottle wedged between the drivers and passenger seat of the Ford Taurus.  

Subsequent to the accident and police response to 3 Sunnyside Street, two females and a male walked into District E-18 (Hyde Park) to report that they wanted their father arrested for OUI and that he was involved in a car accident with his granddaughter.  Both said that their father was operating a white Ford Taurus station wagon and that he struck several parked cars.  The mother of the three year old said that she received a phone call while at work telling her that her daughter had been in an accident.  She was then picked up by her sister and while in the back seat of her sisters car making her way home to check on her daughter she observed her father walking on River Street stumbling while he was walking.  She jumped out of her sisters car and confronted him about his reckless actions.  They then drove their father to the police station.  All officers present could observe the suspects speech to be slurred, his eyes bloodshot, and unsteadyness and lack of balance.  Officers could also smell alcohol on his breath.  A field sobriety test was conducted inside of the police station.  Jose Avillan, 47, of Mattapan, failed the sobriety test and was placed under arrest for OUI.