Right Suspect, Wrong Crime

Yesterday around 5:20PM, officers from district A-1 (Downtown Boston) responded to a radio call for possible suspects of a stabbing that just occurred in the Downtown Crossing area on Tremont Street near Marginal Way.
Officers immediately responded to the area of Tremont St. where the possible suspect was observed traveling and there observed an individual matching the suspect description cross the Mass. Pike Bridge onto Shawmut Avenue. Officers then observed the suspect walk into a building on Shawmut Ave. and came out shortly thereafter with a young child and another adult male.  Based on the description of the suspect from the Downtown crossing area stabbing incident, the proximity of this suspect and the call that officers had received, officers stopped this suspect in order to further investigate his connection to the stabbing incident.

Officers stopped the suspect and conducted pat frisk of the suspect as part of the threshold inquiry. During the pat down of the suspect’s backpack, officers felt a hard object at the bottom of his bag and asked the suspect about the object. The suspect at that time replied, “You can have it.”  Officers again asked the suspect several more times about the object in his car with the suspect repeatedly answering, “You can have it.” Eventually, the suspect answered officers telling them it was a gun inside the bag. The suspect was placed under arrest after officers looked in his bag and recovered a sawed-off .22 caliber rifle in the bag.

The suspect, Jeffrey T. Jones, 17 of Roxbury was arrested and charged with Carrying a Rifle or Shotgun on a Public Way, and Possession of Firearm with Altered Serial Numbers.

After the suspect was arrested, it was determined that he was not the suspect responsible for the stabbing.