Ticket Scalper Scalped for Counterfeit Tickets!

Yesterday evening around 6:00PM, officers from District A-1 (Downtown Boston) arrested suspect, David Lucas, 28 of Bronx, NY and charged him with Manufacturing Counterfeit Tickets.
Officers were in the area of the Boston Garden monitoring vendors and scalpers when they noticed the suspect speaking to a passerby at the MBTA plaza. Upon making note that the officers were watching him, the suspect quickly began walking away as officers attempted to catch up to him. Officers finally caught up to the suspect on Staniford Street and there conducted a threshold inquiry. The suspect, once asked what he was doing, told officers that he was “scalping tickets.” When asked if he had any more tickets on his person, the suspect failed to answer. A pat frisk revealed that the suspect had 18 tickets on his person, 14 tickets for last night’s game and 4 for Wednesday’s game.

Officers, believing that the tickets were fake, brought them to the Boston Garden and there a box office manager confirmed that the tickets were indeed counterfeit.