Unruly Fan Arrested at Red Sox Game

At about 8:50pm, on Sunday, May 22, 2011, an officer performing a paid detail at the baseball game between the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs at Fenway Park responded to a call to assist Fenway Park Security Personnel in their efforts to deal with an unruly fan. While talking to the fan, officers promptly observed and noted that the fan in question appeared to be under the influence of alcohol given the fact that he appeared to be unsteady on his feet. During the course of the conversation, Fenway Park Security Personnel asked the fan to produce his game ticket. While security personnel were inspecting the ticket, the suspect snatched the ticket and took off on foot. As the suspect was running away, officers observed the suspect knock into and knock down several fans who were waiting in several concession lines.   
When officers attempted to take the suspect into custody, the suspect punched one of the officers in the chest. 

Officers arrested Harley MacKenzie, 17 of New York and charged him with Assault & Battery on a Police Officer, Disorderly Conduct and Possession of Forged Driver’s License. A search of the suspect enabled officers to locate a forged driver’s license indicating that the suspect was 22 years of age.