Remarkable Teamwork and Dogged Pursuit Lands Gun-Toting Suspect in Custody – Two Loaded Firearms Removed from City Streets

Last night multiple officers engaged in a pursuit of suspects believed to be responsible for a ‘shots fired’ incident in the area of Tremont Street and Melnea Cass. As a result of officers’ efforts, two individuals were apprehended and loaded firearms were taken off the street.

Police Commissioner Edward Davis stated, ““I would like to commend the teamwork and resolve demonstrated by the officers involved in this arrest. Their swift response and methodical approach successfully resulted in the apprehension of a dangerous individual and the recovery of two loaded firearms.”

On April 27, 2011, at approximately 11:00pm, a Sergeant Detective stopped at a traffic light on Tremont Street and Melnea Cass Boulevard heard the sound of two gun shots come from the area of Melnea Cass Boulevard near Brook Marshall Road. Immediately after the shots, the Sergeant Detective observed an individual wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and dark jeans run towards Brook Marshall Way.

Now in pursuit of the suspect, the Sergeant Detective observed an individual wearing a gray sweatshirt adjusting himself in the rear seat of a black Honda Accord which was parked in front of 3 Brook Marshall Way. The Honda fled the area with the officer in pursuit and traveling through the following streets: Brook Marshall Road, to Ruggles Street, to Dewitt Drive, to Madison Park Court, to Shawmut Avenue, to Malcolm X Boulevard, to Tremont Street, to Prentiss Street, to Albert Street.

The Honda came to a stop on Albert Street and the occupants of the vehicle fled on foot. Responding officers gave chase to multiple suspects and after a brief foot pursuit, suspect Demetrius Aaron was apprehended by two officers and subsequently placed under arrest. 18 year old Demetrius Aaron of Dorchester was charged with Disorderly Person.

Another individual that fled from the vehicle and refused to stop for the Sergeant Detective was the driver, Girold GrandPierre. As the Sergeant Detective pursued suspect GrandPierre, he observed the suspect holding his waist area consistent with a person concealing a firearm. As suspect GrandPierre approached a dumpster, he pulled his hands away from his waist area and went towards the dumpster. At that time, the pursuing officer heard a noise consistent with metal striking metal. The officer notified operations that there may be a firearm in the dumpster and continued to maintain a visual on both the dumpster and suspect GrandPierre, who subsequently ran toward Annunciation Road.

Additional officers arrived to search the dumpster. Crime scene officers processed the scene and recovered the following items: 1.) a loaded 22. Caliber firearm, 2.) a loaded 38. Caliber snub nose firearm.

Simultaneously officers continued toward Annunciation Road in search of suspect GrandPierre, who was soon located hiding on a nearby roof. GrandPierre was placed under arrest.

Girold GrandPierrre, 25, of Somerville was charged with 2 counts Assault by means of dangerous weapon (firearm), 2 counts of Unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, carrying a loaded firearm, 2 counts of unlawful possession 2nd and subsequent, refusal to submit to a police officer.