Is Two Always Better than One?

Yesterday morning around 8:45AM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury), while working in an undercover capacity, placed suspect, Valerie Minacapelli, 24 of Dorchester under arrest and charged her with Solicitation Sex for a Fee.
Officers were performing an operation in the Grove Hall section of Dorchester due to ever increasing community complaints from residents and area businesses about prostitution.  While engaged in this operation, an undercover officer in an unmarked car was approached by the suspect who got in the car with the officer. Once inside the car, the suspect told the officer that it would cost him $25 for her to perform specific sexual services. Once the suspect solicited sexual services in exchange for cash, the officer identified his office and the suspect was placed under arrest.

Once arrested, the suspect told officers that she was only trying to get money for transportation so that she could go to Quincy for an outstanding court case there. The suspect will now have two court cases to attend to.