Just in Time!

Yesterday afternoon around 12:21PM, officers from District B-3 were on patrol when they observed two individuals arguing at the intersect ion of Blue Hill Ave. and Livingstone Street.
Officers stopped their cruiser to further investigate and separated the two parties to hear their individual stories. Officers after speaking to female party learned that the male suspect was in the victim’s store located at 1145A Blue Hill Ave. when she briefly went to assist with a delivery. The victim reported that during the time that she was in the back, she observed the suspect through the mirror walk around the counter and steal money from a cabinet. After observing this, the victim followed the suspect until officers came on the scene. The suspect refuted the victim’s story and denied having stolen any money from the store and told officers that he only had $10.00 on him. Officers then searched the suspect and discovered $85.00 hidden in the sleeve o f his shirt.

The suspect, Russell Spencer, 47 of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Larceny in a Building.