Robbery Suspect Gets Away But Not For Long

 Last night around 10:30PM, officers from District A-7 (East Boston) arrested suspect, Cristian U. Caballero, 18 of East Boston and charged him with Armed Robbery and Assault and Battery.
The suspect came to be arrested after the victim of a robbery from the February 28th ran into the station and informed officers that she had just seen the man who had robbed her at knifepoint. The victim provided a description of the suspect to the officer at the front desk who in turn broadcast that description to officers on the patrol who shortly thereafter stopped the suspect at the intersection of Elbow and Chelsea Streets. The victim was then transported to the location where the suspect had been stopped and positively identified him as the person who had robbed her.

The victim reported to officers on the morning of February 28th around 5:45AM she was walking home from Maverick Station when the suspect approached her and engaged her in conversation. The victim further reported that near the area of a local restaurant, the victim stated to her in Spanish, “Pretend I’m your friend…Don’t scream…I have a knife…I will stab you…give me the money!” The victim then ran to her door and rang her doorbell at which time the suspect grabbed her cell phone from her hand, pushed her into the doorway and patted her down for money. The victim punched the suspect to get him away from her but managed to grab her cell phone from her hand by pushing her and running away. The victim’s brother came out after the suspect grabbed the victim’s phone and chased the suspect and was able to recover the phone but the suspect fled.

After arrest, officers recovered a sweatshirt from the suspect which the victim described that he was wearing at the time of the robbery.