At about 7:54am, on Monday, March 7, 2011, officers from Area D-14 (Brighton) responded to a call for a large group milling about in the area of Barrows and Armington Streets in Brighton. 

In recent weeks, officers had received several complaints from residents saying teenagers were gathering, congregating and smoking marijuana in and around their building. In addition to hanging out, residents complained that the teenagers were leaving trash and debris in and around the building and, when asked to leave, becoming verbally abusive towards residents doing the asking. Over the past few weeks, officers had seen and given several verbal warnings to groups gathering in the area. Individuals were told if they were seen trespassing again they would be subject to arrest. 

On arrival, officers observed five teenagers hanging out inside the front hallway of a building located at 9 Barrows Street. Officers approached the teenagers and informed them that they were trespassing.

Officers arrested five individuals under 17 years of age and charged all five with Trespassing.