Boston Police District A-7 (East Boston) has received two reports of individuals contacted by unknown callers demanding money for kidnapped relatives. Both calls were not credible and determined to be a scam.

  • On February 27, 2011, an East Boston resident received a phone call from a Spanish-speaking individual who stated “We have your family and his girlfriend.” The caller demanded money. The victim asked the caller to be more specific. The caller was unable to do so. The call concluded and the victim contacted police. The call was deemed not credible and appeared to be an attempt at a scam.
  • On February 25, 2011, officers responded to Sumner Street for a call to investigate person. There officers spoke with a victim who stated that she received a phone call from an unknown Hispanic male who asked the victim if she had a son. The victim confirmed that she had a son. At that time, the caller indicated that her son had been kidnapped and she needed to send $600.00 to Puerto Rico for his safe return. The victim went to Western Union per request of the caller and sent $120.00 with the intention of sending the rest later. The victim then contacted all of her sons and determined that they were all safe and the call was not credible. The victim also reported that the suspect spoke Spanish with a Puerto Rican accent.  

The Boston Police Department encourages individuals who receive phone calls of this nature to call 911 immediately. Victims should never send money to an unknown individual and should instead immediately contact police.